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Intergroup Space

Listening, Learning, Creating Change Through Art

A new project of Tyler’s, Intergroup Space creates and hosts events that use art and creative expression as a medium for learning about and supporting others and ourselves. Inspired by Wing Young Huie’s Third Place Gallery in Minneapolis, MN, Intergroup Space aims to provide a space for innovative, community-centered and conversational events. Art and music are socially constructed and reflect the values and interest’s various communities and cultures.


Current Projects


Creative Community

Three-Part Series (Dates TBA)

This series of dialogues will focus on exploring creativity in the daily lives of Cheyenne residents.

The first session, The Creative Self, focuses on personal and small group reflections on how participants create and/or experience creativity in their daily lives.

The second, Reconsidering Single Narratives, seeks to expand participants awareness of the world of creativity through the lives of others in and outside of their communities.

The final session, It Takes a Village brings participants together to identify ways in which we can collectively foster and defend creativity in mutually beneficial ways.

Each session builds upon the last and will feature local creatives from various trades who will share their work and stories. Contact Tyler for more info

After-School Jazz Program

Partners: Alternative Arts Project and The Majestic Building

Due to Laramie County School District #1 closing middle school jazz programs Intergroup Space, in partnership with Alternative Arts Project and The Majestic Building, opened an after-school pay-what-you-can jazz and chamber music program.