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Music as a Medium

Creative Vision (The What & Why)

"For me, music and art are simply mediums for connecting with others. I engage with music and creative ideas that challenge my perception of what is possible and what could be, and then share that learning with others. Currently, a large portion of my time is spent addressing issues of inequality within and beyond the worlds of music and art, adult learning, and community engagement.  Whether I am performing, collaborating, or writing, I endeavor to extend and amplify non-dominant narratives, advance actions for meaningful change, and create space to learn with and about others."



Tyler Cessor has been described as a “highly talented musician who combines his prowess as a soloist with his passion for teaching” (Eugene Rousseau). His dedication to the increase of respect and awareness of multiculturalism in art has led Tyler to collaborate with artists and creative individuals from numerous disciplines and cultural backgrounds. He is a staunch advocate for curricular change that leads to more culturally inclusive learning environments and degree paths.

Active as a solo and collaborative artist, Tyler presents concerts throughout the nation including, Bedlam Theatre, Shubert Club, and Patrick’s Cabaret. Tyler is a frequent guest artist, clinician, and lecturer at colleges, universities and K-12 institutions. Recent visits have included the University of Iowa, Wartburg College, Simpson College, Truman State University, and Princeton High School.

Tyler recently opened his own studio, Intergroup Space, where he teaches private lessons and runs an after-school jazz program. Prior to this Tyler was an Instructor of Saxophone and Beginning Clarinet at MacPhail Center for Music and has served on the faculty of Concordia College as an Instructor of Saxophone where he taught applied saxophone, saxophone quartet, and jazz combo. As an educator Tyler emphasizes the development of musicality through critical listening, efficient rehearsal/practice strategies and the development of technical excellence, with additional emphasis on collegiality, cultural understanding, student self-authorship, and career development.

A recipient of the Berneking Music Performance Fellowship, Tyler is currently in the final year of the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Minnesota. His doctoral document is an Introductory Guide to Creating Multicultural, Inclusive Learning Environments in Higher Education Music Programs. He is deeply indebted to several mentors, particularly, saxophonists Eugene Rousseau and Scott Turpen, and education specialist Ilene Dawn Alexander.

Tyler is a veteran of the Army National Guard. He served with the 34th Infantry Division Red Bull Band in Minnesota and the 67th Army Band in Wyoming.